Run Run

by Vonnie Kyle

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released August 6, 2013

Vonnie Kyle- Vocals, guitar, synth, piano, accordion
Cole Mickelson- Guitar
Aaron Thielen- Bass
Colin McCowan- Drums



all rights reserved


Vonnie Kyle Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Getting Out
What's the point in wasting time
Dwelling on all of the battles that I've fought
Took me ten whole years to set myself up
Now I'm taking ten more to connect the dots
I don't have to belong to a man
And I don't have to be let down
But I'm running out of chemicals to hold me over
And I'm out of excuses to fuck around
Now you don't believe me
When I say I'm getting out
So I put myself back on that roof
With a table, a notebook, and a bottle of red
I try hard not to use that night as proof
But I can't drown out the echo of what you said
He said, "There's gotta be a way to make it right
Gotta be a way to make this not a fight.
Girl, I can make you exactly as you want,
All I need is part of your life."
But he's got to believe me when I say
That I'm getting out tonight.
I carved away the mold,
Walked ten miles on my toes
The pain never makes me look back
Put out one more cigarette
It's better go, or better dead
Than hiding in the shadow you've cast
Track Name: Too Old to Care
Well, you're taking as much with you
As you can possibly take, taking your leave
Well, you're looking at me
And you're looking so sad
With your eyes welling up like the goddamn Red Sea
Five years of saving me,
Who's saving me now?
Well, I've got my own shade of green
And it's looking like it's bleeding out

It's the gun to my head, it's the gun in your hand
Either way, it's a little fucked up that it's there
It's the give in your take, it's the place where I stand
Either way, I'm just getting too old now to care

I hope that I am not nearly as bitter as you
When I am your age
I'd thought that it was the miserable winters that kept me from living
But that's not the case
Five years of fading leaves, who's fading out now?
Well, I've got my head in my hands
But I've still got my feet on the ground

I hope now I know more/I hope you will know less about me
By the time the tears dry from my dress
I'll stand back up, and I'll puff out my chest
And sweep up the debris that is left from this mess
Track Name: Better Things to Do
I have got better things to do
Than let you in again
And just let you run loose
While I stand by
And take it all in stride
I have had nicer things to say
Than all the things I had to say to you today
Well, that's just life

Don't want to waste your time
When your hello is my goodbye
I hope that I'm the one who makes you stronger
And not the one who ruined your life
Don't ask me now, "What can I do?"
If one of us is being real
It surely isn't you

There have been harder things to lose
But I can say it was an alright afternoon
I didn't try to make one of us the bad guy
I'm sure
That I could find a better cause
For being angry or for having tears at all
If something's wrong

I'm better moving on
So let's hurry up, just move along
There can only be so many boats that hold your ego
And most of them have gone
Don't ask me now, "What can I do?"
If one of us is being real,
It surely isn't you

I'm afraid that you've had too much fun
Because to pry yourself away's a move
That you yourself just never could have done
But baby,
Can't you see that I am not the one?

You show it all to everyone
No, that misery has never been a secret
You fire it just like a gun
So don't ask me now, "What can I do?"
If one of us is being real,
It surely isn't you

I have got better things to do...
Track Name: Leslie
Finger to my lips
Hush those habits
If life throws me an ace, I will grab it
And if you call me with a question
Then the best thing I can leave you with
Is a possible suggestion…
Hang the phone up, leave a letter
Those saints may come with open arms
But I've got something better
I got lucky, some call it talent (She's got it all, and more)
And some say there's nothing better
Than new flavor for your palette

Run, run, hide your hearts
Lock up all your doors
Because when the beast comes running
It knows nothing of remorse
Knock, knock, out with the lights
No one make a sound
Hide your love when Leslie comes around

I swear I love truly
It's just sometimes my heart can be unruly
And if you count backwards from ten
I'll fall in love with you
And then fall out of love again

Let nothing be lost on you
Pretty girls have ugly secrets too
Run, run
Heaven's got its devils, son
And once you're in, there's nothing you can do

You've got to hide your love when that girl come around
Hide your love when she comes around
Track Name: Nothing to Lose
I can feel the truth that still lingers in the air
It rises in your stomach
And puts grey in our hair
And it carries on, even when it seems gone
And if I said aloud all the things that are right
And tried to repay you, then we'd be here all night
So there, I'm wrong, let's move on

I will hold on
To the memory of that land-locked blues song
Now I'm under some floor you can't pry
And you won't be rid of me
Unless you leave me behind
And I've got nothing to lose but you
That's always been true

Now I understand what I need to feel free
I thought it was options, but it's you needing me
And that scares me hon, now that you're on the run
Because you still are in every word I do speak
All the air in my lungs, every hour I sleep
Now the music's stopped playing
But we're still singing songs
And I've got something worth saying
But it's best kept a thought
Track Name: Wait for You
Thought you were perfect, but you read my mind
And I thought I was ready... but I lied
Now, watching you just start over
And seeing you try
Makes me mildly nauseous
Am I selfish for allowing myself to cry?

But I won't wait for you
If you can't handle me
You put a price on love, but honey
Nothing's free

My brain and body are aching for something to do
And my legs are tired from working, but
They're restless too
And when I tumble over and I'm falling for you
And my back finally breaks, and I've become someone new (Or at least I like to think so)

Everyone takes a chance on everyone
And I'm willing to bruise my heart over a little fun
But I don't want to change
No I'm not gonna change
And shame on me if I should feel ashamed
Because I don't have to wait
No, I'm not gonna wait for you

God forbid the day when I should feel complete
It's so stupid how when I talk to you
All you do is stare at your feet
But you'll remember me
You will remember that you couldn't handle me